About Energy Science, Technology and Policy (EST&P)

Energy Science, Technology and Policy (EST&P) was founded in 2010 and is a multidisciplinary M.S. degree program at Carnegie Mellon University within the College of Engineering.  This distinctive Master of Science program positions graduates to develop creative and sustainable solutions to solve world-wide energy science and technology problems from harvesting and conversion of energy to distribution, demand and usage with attention to policy and economics. EST&P is an educational initiative of the Scott Institute for Energy Innovation.

History of the Energy Symposium

EST&P students started to forge a connection between young professionals & the energy industry by initiating the Energy Careers Symposium in 2013 dedicated to undergraduate and graduate students passionate and involved in different areas of energy. This annual event gathers students, prominent experts, researches, professionals, industry and government representatives in a unique forum to discuss the interdisciplinary advancements in all relevant energy topics and provide carrier perspectives for our young and promising graduates.

The four previous Energy Careers Symposiums at Carnegie Mellon have brought together over 400 students and more than 60 professionals, experts, scientist and industry leaders in sharing knowledge, current practice and innovations in energy related fields and discussing future career opportunities for forthcoming young engineers and practitioners.

The 4th Annual Energy Careers Symposium was held on February 12, 2016 in the Cohon University Center and was jointly sponsored by the Scott Institute for Energy Innovation (.pdf poster).  This event included opening remarks, keynote speech, two distinct panels, a presentation, and networking sessions with over 120 attendees. See speakers and panelists>> ; View live recording>> ; See photos>> ; Read the summary of the event>>

The 3rd Annual Energy Careers Symposium was organized on February 9th, 2015 in the Cohon University Center and was jointly sponsored by the Scott Institute for Energy Innovation. This event featured a keynote by Chris Hendrickson, Ph.D., Hamerschlag University Professor and Director of the Traffic 21 Institute followed by a panel discussion on the future of energy led by  CEE Professor Constantine Samaras, Ph.D, which included: Andrew Place, Corporate Director of Energy and Environmental Policy, EQT, Lee Carson, Department Manager of Shipboard Electrical Systems, BMPC-Bettis Laboratory, Jesse Goellner, Ph.D., Senior Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, Christopher Bostaph, Vice President for Energy, Larson Design Group  and Kevin Sheen, Senior Director, Development, EverPower. A networking session gathered additional industry representatives: Jeff Zacherl, Branch General Manager at Johnson Controls, Lauren Perine, Marketing Associate at ZipCar, Kaiyu Shen, VP Energy data Science at kWatera and Kelly Harter, Staffing/EEO & Diversity Programs, Human Resources at BMPC-Bettis Laboratory.

The 2nd Annual Energy Careers Symposium was held on February 7th, 2014 in the University Center Rangos Ballroom at Carnegie Mellon University. Opening remarks were provided by Dr. David Landis, Executive director of the CMU EST&P Program, followed by a keynote from Josh Hickman, President of Young Professionals in Energy. A panel discussion was supported by Renee Spino, Manager of Recruiting at First Energy; Michael Nowak, Strategic Partnerships at NETL, Joe Marriott, Lead Associate (LCA & Energy) at Booz Allen Hamilton; Christopher Yoder, Senior Consultant at Navagent, Kelly Henderson,Sustainability and Communications Coordinator at TEN; Robert Hanvey, VP of Sales at kWantera          

The 1st Annual Energy Careers Symposium took place on May 14th, 2013 in Scaife Hall 125 at CMU. The topic of the event was “Career Opportunities in the Energy Industry” and was opened by keynote speaker Granger Morgan, Lord Chair Professor in Engineering; Professor and Department Head of Engineering and Public Policy, then Director of Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation. A panel session included prominent experts such as Joshua Bordin, Process Safety Engineer at Siemens Gas and Oil Division, Gabriella Gonzalez, Social Scientist at RAND Corporation, Amul D. Tevar, Fellow, DoE at ARPA-E, Dave Vaglia, Principal Engineer at Westinghouse Electric (Nuclear), Jay Whitacre, CTO Aquion Energy Inc, and Gerard G. Elia, Career Development Professor of Material Science & Engineering and Engineering & Public Policy.

Would your company like to be considered as a participant in the Energy Symposium?  Or represented with an expert panel member?  Or would consider supporting the symposium as an event sponsor?  Or simply would like more information?  Contact us today!  Email: energy@andrew.cmu.edu  or phone: 412-268-6072

Learn more about the EST&P master's program:  www.cmu.edu/engineering/estp